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A romantic comedy with a twist of sadness. Six southern black women lose their grandmother who took over their care after the death of their mother. The grandmother, a beloved matriarch, leaves behind her a coveted family farm where she has been growing medicinal marijuana illegally for close to forty years. The sibling rivalry becomes intense, romance blossoms, and laughter abounds.


Hopes are as high as the marijuana crops growing in the barn. The farm is thriving, but nothing stays good forever. Buried secrets seep from the ground as the Nesbitt sisters and the town of Cookham, South Carolina search for answers. Ruby, the youngest Nesbitt sister, cuts her roots and spreads her wings to discover it is not blood that makes a family—it's the bond of love and the willingness to accept it.


Revenge is best served sweet."Little by little, kill the Beast with sugar and salt."Celia Denham blames her husband, Dr. Kirby Denham, for their daughter's death. Kirby was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes as a child and has been on a special diet and insulin ever since. As Kirby's health fails, Celia's revenge is bittersweet. Kirby wasn't there when their daughter needed him the most, but Celia wasn't there either. Are they both at fault? Or was her death no one's fault? Kirby is responsible for hundreds of deaths in the little town of Denhamville, NC and throughout the Southeastern United States, even as far away as Florida. As Celia and Kirby clash and the tension explodes, the little town of Denhamville will never again be the same.

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